There was three folks that were sportfishing out in the beach.

After a while of not capturing anything,one guy shouts,"I've got something!" so they all hurry over and help take it in.

They drawn for time until in the vessel there was a Mermaid.

She asked for forgiveness with them to let her go and when they wouldn't , she said, " I'll allow you each one wish if you let me go.

THe men decided.

THe first guy said, "Make me three periods more intelligent than I already am". a display of lighting and then he began costing Shakespeare completely.

The second guy seeing this said "Make me 10 periods smarter". a display of lighting and then he realized out mathematical issues that popular mathemations
had been considering for decades.

The third guy said, "Make me 20 periods smarter". The Mermaid said, "Sir consider that properly, very carefully".

He didn't pay attention to her and said, "Make me 20 periods smarter"!

A display of lighting and he changed into a lady.

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