A woman comes home and shows her associate, "Remember those problems I've been having all these years? Well, they're gone."

"No more headaches?" the associate requirements, "What happened?"

His associate reviews, Margie known me to a specialist. He advised me to take a place at the top part side of a expression, concentrate at myself and repeat
"I do not Have a Headache;
I do not have a disappointment,

I do not have a disappointment.."

It Worked! The problems are all gone."
The associate reviews, "Well, that is awesome."
His associate then says, "You know, you haven't been exactly a golf tennis ball of Fire in the bed area these last few decades. Why don't you go see the Therapist and see if he can do anything for that?"

The associate verifies to try it

Following his appointment, the associate comes home, rips off his clothing, options up his associate and provides her into the bed area.

He locations her on the bed and says,
"Don't switch, I'll be right coming back."

He goes into the Restroom and comes coming back a few minutes later and developments into bed and haves sex with his associate like never before..
His associate says, "Boy, that was wonderful!"

The associate says, "Don't move! I will be right coming back."
He goes coming back into bathroom, comes coming back and round two was even better than at the first try.

The associate sets up and her go is spinning.
Her associate again says,
"Don't switch, I'll be right coming back."
With that, he goes coming back in bathroom.
This time, his associate quietly follows him and there, in the Restroom,
She acknowledges him place at the expression and saying:
"She's not my Spouse.
She's Not my associate.
She's not my associate..."

His funeral service will be organized on Sunday.

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