I ALWAYS desired to be somebody, but I should have been more particular. HAVE you ever observed ? Anybody going more slowly than you is an fool, and anyone going quicker than you is a fanatic.

YOU have to remain in type. My granny began strolling five kilometers a day when she was 60. She`s 97 these days and we don t know where she is. THE purpose most individuals perform tennis is to put on outfits they would not be found deceased in otherwise. 

ANY time four New Yorkers get into a cab together without disagreeing, a financial institution theft has just taken position.

THE research on peace of mind are that one out of every four People in america is experiencing some way of psychological sickness. Think of your three best buddies. If they are okay, then it s you.

 NOW they explain to you how cleaners take out bloodstains, a fairly aggressive picture there. I think if you`ve got a T-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe washing laundry washing isn t your greatest issue. Maybe you should get rid of our bodies before you do the clean.

 I ASK individuals why they have deer leads on their surfaces. They always say because it s such a wonderful pet. There you go. I think my mom is eye-catching, but I only have images of her. 

A LADY came up to me on the road and indicated at my suede coat. "You know a cow was killed for that jacket?" She sneered. I responded in a psychotic overall tone, "I didn t know there were any witnesses. Now I ll have to destroy you too.

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